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Lifestyle of minimal timeless designs with sustainable fabrics for perfect everyday living.SUMISO started with three main beliefs: sustainability, minimalism and soulfulness. We are creating an elevating lifestyle brand for everyday living. We are crafting fashion that embodies your soul to unleash your confident personality with comfort.

We emphasise high quality standards, adopt fair trade policies with our manufacturer partners and seek complete transparency in the entire product creation.

With our perpetual focus on eye-to-detail all our products are thoroughly quality checked at multiple levels. Starting from sourcing the right fabric, choosing the right partner, trims to accentuate the couture to delivering the products in time and servicing clients post buying experience.

Established in the autumn of 2022, a bunch of young, passionate and experienced professionals teamed up together to build a premium lifestyle brand from Indian origin.

Our story

The idea for SUMISO was dreamt up during hot brewed coffee conversion between a married couple, our co-founders, Megha and Rohiet. Spurred on by the thought, both took a trip to Tirupur and Ludhiana (textile hubs of India) and met hundreds of small and large manufacturers for months. There they decided to craft timeless minimal designs with sustainable fabrics and contribute to reducing carbon footprint.

These days a lot of people talk about sustainability but what actually defines sustainability in fashion. It’s not just the fabric, it’s the complete process of craftsmanship which includes natural fibers like Cotton, Silk, Hemp, Linen, Wool and Recycled ones with natural dyeing process with no chemicals wash to recyclable packaging.

We started SUMISO to offer high quality lifestyle products designed, sourced and manufactured in India and for the nation. Mostly, the supreme products are either exported or consumed by International Brands. We don’t have our own homegrown premium International lifestyle brand which focuses on sustainability and minimalism - so here comes SUMISO. 

Chief Creators

Rohiet: Ex-Delhivery and Yatra. MBA. 15+ years of experience. Deep love of fashion and quintessential entrepreneur, focused on consumer centricity and product innovation. Avid cricket and music lover.

Megha: IIM Indore. 12+ years of seasoned entrepreneurship and deep understanding of the manufacturing set-ups. Her love towards Japanese culture makes our product designs more cooler and noticeable. Of-course she is mad over "sushi" and "roku"!Rohiet & Megha







Brand & Content Strategist


Graphic Designer




Graphic Designer


General Manager

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